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    Asynchronous electric motors (AC) can be applied to different sectors of the electric mobility field. They are designed by our team for intensive traction applications and to offer optimal performance at different speeds. They offer high starting torques in the starting and acceleration phases, which are essential to overcome static resistance and initiate rotation, system movement and traction even under heavy loads.

    Metalrota designs and creates custom electric motors for traction and lifting. Are you interested in discovering our products?

    Start exploring our online catalogue, contact us to place your order or to request more information.



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    • AC D.110mm

      Nominal power: 500-1000W Maximum torque: 15Nm Battery: 12-144Vdc
    • AC D.125mm

      Nominal power: 1000-2000W Maximum torque: 30Nm Battery:12-144Vdc
    • AC D.135mm

      Nominal power: 1500-2500W Maximum torque: 60Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • AC D.152mm

      Nominal power: 2500-3500W Maximum torque: 80Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • AC D.173mm

      Nominal power: 3000-5000W Maximum torque: 120Nn Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • AC D.200mm

      Nominal power: 5000-10000W Maximum torque: 220Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • AC D.240mm

      Nominal power: 10000-15000W Maximum torque: 300Nm Battery: 48-144Vdc
    • AC D.270mm

      Nominal power: 18000-25000W Maximum torque: 400Nm Battery: 48-144Vdc
    • AC D.300mm

      Nominal power: 30000-40000W Maximum torque: 550Nm Battery: 48-144Vdc