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    Dual drive transmission systems for AC, DC, and brushless motors

    Dual drive devices are special electric propulsion systems where two motors are used simultaneously to provide additional power to an appliance or machine.

    The dual drive system offers advantages such as increased power and operating speed, increased movement control and reduced stress on individual motors. It is used with great success in the automotive industry, in robotics and machine tools.

    In the dual drive configuration, the two motors function together to provide greater power and speed compared to the use of only one motor. this allows for better performance: electric vehicles reach higher speeds and machine tools work more efficiently.

    They can be used with asynchronous (AC), direct current (DC) or brushless (PMAC) motors. Are you a manufacturer of electric vehicles or machine tools? Do you design industrial automation and robotics? The dual drive configuration can prove especially useful for the efficiency of your machines.

    Explore our online catalogue and discover the available dual drive prototypes. Choose the series that most closely matches the product you need and contact us to purchase or request a customization.



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    • MRH 116

      Wheel diameter: Ø160 x 65mm - Ø200 x 65mm Maximum output torque: 140Nm - 220Nm Maximum radial load: 500/600Kg
    • MRH 157

      Wheel diameter: Ø250 x 80mm - Ø300 x 80mm Maximum output torque: 400Nm - 750Nm Maximum radial load: 1000Kg