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    Drive wheels


    Dual drive

    Motor pumps

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    Electric motors manufacturers since 1965

    We move your ideas with power and precision


    Metalrota Srl was founded in 1965, in Modena, the heart of the land of motors.

    Our team, forerunner in Italy in the production of wheels with integrated electric motors, today is an industry leader in the manufacture of custom electric motors, gear motors, drive wheels, motor pumps and differentials suitable for multiple industrial sectors such as automotive, industrial handling, agriculture, gardening, construction and nautical.

    Our products find a wide range of possible applications in electric cars, go-karts, agricultural machinery, maintenance equipment, cleaning, industrial robots on the national and international markets.

    We are a valuable partner for those investing in environmental sustainability and in electric propulsion.


    What will you find in the Metalrota facility?

    • Covered area of about 6500sqm
    • 3200sqm allocated to drive wheels and differentials production
    • 3300sqm allocated to motors production
    • CNC lathe machines and turning centers
    • Constant investment in equipment and machinery to optimize manufacturing and sustainability of the production process
    • A capable, qualified and up-to-date team always available for customization, planning and designing of tailored solutions

    What will you find in Metalrota device?

    Each electric motor is the result of:

    • Studies and analysis
    • Accurate design
    • Research for quality components
    • Manufacture following strict standards
    • Verification and control
    • Personalization and customization

    These elements make our products reliable and high-performance. Designed to face the challenges of the latest industrial applications and their future developments.

    The certifications highlight our commitment to creating sustainable and high-quality production systems.


    In which sector can you use a Metalrota product?

    Today we present a complete catalogue of systems and solutions for electric traction. Electric motors, drive wheels, differential gear motors, steering and lifting systems, motor pumps are designed and created to adapt to your specific vehicle.

    Our devices are commonly requested in industries such as:

    • Automotive
    • Electric mobility
    • Industrial handling
    • Agriculture and gardening
    • Nautical
    • Construction
    • Racing
    • Industrial robotics

    They can be used in traction systems for electric cars, agricultural and green spaces maintenance machinery, go-karts and golf cars; in automatic handling systems, forklifts, boats, and in various industrial applications.

    Explore our online catalogue, find the device that suits your needs best and contact us to purchase it or customize it. The Metalrota team is waiting for you.