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    ELECTRIC MOTORS production

    Asynchronous (AC), direct current (DC) and brushless (PMAC) solutions

    Electric motors, devices capable of converting electric energy into mechanical energy through the interaction of magnetic fields, find a wide range of applications in many different industrial sectors.

    They are utilized for propulsion, traction, lifting and handling of mechanical components and for generating electric energy. Electric motors contribute significantly to process precision, power, and speed.

    Among the manufacturers of powerful electric motors: Metalrota Srl, a team specialized in the making of customizable and high efficiency AC, DC and brushless electric motors. You landed in our online catalogue.

    Here you will find a wide choice of electric motors with their variations, specific characteristics, and applications.

    We encourage you to explore it. Are you looking for a powerful, low RPM motor? Or an electric motor ideal for traction? A motor to produce an electric vehicle for industrial handling or a go-kart?

    Continue exploring and, if you have doubts or prefer a direct connection with our team, feel free to get in touch.





    AC motors, or asynchronous motors, are widely used for industrial machinery. They have a simple structure and are easy to control, therefore a very common choice for many sectors.



    DC motors, or direct current motors, are often chosen for electric vehicles and other systems that require a precise control of speed and direction. DC motors are known for being easily controllable and for having a fast response to voltage variations.



    Brushless synchronous motors characterized by the absence of brushes, which reduces friction and wear. They are frequently used where high efficiency is requested, for example electric cars, mobility and handling machines.

    What you’ll find in our electric motors

    We are designers and manufacturers of high efficiency electric motors. We design customized solutions for demanding and attentive customers that produce machines and vehicles for sectors such as construction, agriculture, electric mobility, cleaning, logistics, and marine.

    What do we offer you?

    • Energy-efficient motors. We design them so that they can reduce operating costs and environmental impact.
    • Motors that comply with industrial standards. This way, we guarantee the quality of our products and their compatibility with other electric components.
    • High quality materials, such as steel, aluminum, metal-graphite, copper. We trat them through painting and surface processing to make them durable and resistant.
    • Customized products. We adapt our electric motors to your needs. Customized production allows us to offer you an unmatched product specific for your application.
    • Environmentally compliant motors. We help promote sustainable practices complying with environmental standards such as REACH and RoHS.
    • Adaptable motors. Our products are manufactured to be adaptable to other components such as motor pumps or gear motors.

    Powerful, sustainable, efficient, and versatile: these are the characteristics of our products.

    Continue exploring our catalogue, contact us to purchase or request a personal consultation.