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    Direct current electric motors (DC) – Metalrota

    Direct current electric motors (DC) are designed for intensive traction applications.

    The winding system’s targeted design determines the motor’s wide flexibility in providing high starting torques during the starting and acceleration phases, but also optimal efficiencies at full speed.

    Based on the customer’s specific request, we manufacture direct current motors (DC) with permanent magnet excitation, independent and parallel excitation.

    Thanks to class H insulation and vast equipment, these motors are propulsion systems ideal for multiple sectors, from electric mobility, to industrial, marine, and agricultural handling.

    Metalrota designs and produces custom direct current motors starting from your specific requests and features.

    Explore the product catalogue to get an idea of the possibilities, entrusting us with the creation of the electric motor you need.

    Contact us to purchase or request a consultation.



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    • DC D.113mm

      Nominal power: 300-1000W Maximum torque: 10Nm Battery: 12-96Vdc
    • DC D.125mm

      Nominal power: 500-3000W Maximum torque: 15Nm Battery: 12-96Vdc
    • DC D.151mm

      Nominal power: 1000-5000W Maximum torque: 30Nm Battery: 12-96Vdc
    • DC D.191mm

      Nominal power: 3000-8000W Maximum torque: 70Nm Battery: 24-96Vdc
    • DC D.244mm

      Nominal power: 5000-14000W Maximum torque: 120Nm Battery: 48-96Vdc