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    Drive wheels


    Dual drive

    Motor pumps

    Gear motors


    Electrical traction systems

    We specialize in manufacturing systems that make use of electrical energy to generate motor power.

    With our products, we transform electric energy into motion, creating sustainable alternatives to mobility, traction, lifting and traditional propulsion systems.

    We produce:

    We invite you to explore our online catalogue to discover our models. We love to meet our clients’ specific needs and to offer customized, tailored solutions. Therefore, if you can’t find the product that suits your necessities, find the one that is closest to your specific context and we will adapt it for you.

    Continue reading to find out how we can help your business.


    Personalized solutions for electric drive

    Metalrota Srl has been designing and producing electric propulsion systems since 1965. Our aim is to offer you a customized solution, a tailored product that can integrate perfectly with your vehicle, your machine or your system.

    Today, our catalogue gathers wide-ranging solutions, electric motors, drive wheels, motor pumps, gear motors, electric transaxles, assembling in turn into differential systems to reach the needs for every single situation.

    This allows us to deliver a product optimized for your specific system.


    To whom do we address?

    With our catalogue of electric propulsion systems, we address many sectors looking for resistant, efficient, and durable electric motors, drive wheels, motor pumps, and electric transaxles.

    In particular, our products are created to respond to the necessities of sectors such as:

    • Automotive industry and electric vehicles, agricultural and gardening machinery manufacturers.
    • Renewable energy
    • Transportation and industrial handling sector for forklifts, pallet truck, AGVs and LGVs.
    • Marine sector
    • Indsutrial robotics and automation
    • Cleaning machines and electric equipment for maintenance.
    • Racing sector for go-karts and racing vehicles.

    Your sector isn’t here? Don’t worry, our engineering team is available for consultation and designing of a customized propulsion systems just for you.

    Get in touch with us to purchase a customized electric motor or traction device directly from the manufacturer.