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    Motorized electric axles for traction

    Motorized axles, or electric transaxles, are key components for electric propulsion systems in vehicles and other means of transportation in which it is important to direct a certain amount of traction power to the wheels.

    The electric axle by Metalrota integrates an asynchronous electric motor (AC) within the axle itself. The integrated motor is responsible for torque generation and for providing power to move the vehicle.

    We design and manufacture custom traction and integrated systems. We create motorized axles for the propulsion of electric vehicles from different industries, from mobility to logistics, from marine to agriculture.

    Electric propulsion systems such as motorized axles are part of the process of developing systems and technological innovations aimed at increasing electric vehicles performance, reducing harmful emissions, and promoting greater environmental sustainability.

    Explore our online catalogue to discover our models and choose the one that satisfies your specific construction needs. Contact us for purchase or to request customization. We handle the production of custom transaxles.



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    • S 21

      Maximum torque: 400Nm Maximum load: 400Kg Motor power: Up to 1,5kW
    • S 40

      Maximum torque: 1000Nm Maximum load: 1500Kg Motor power: Up to 5kW
    • S55

      Maximum torque: 1600Nm Maximum load: 1600Kg Motor power: Up to 20kW