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    Brushless electric motors (PMAC)

    Enter our online catalogue and discover the brushless electric motors manufactured by our team for your specific applications.

    We manufacture brushless AC synchronous electric motors with the distinctive absence of brushes, that mount rare-earths permanent magnets on the rotor.

    An electronic controller manages the switching of magnetic phases by synchronizing the rotor’s magnetic field with that of the stator. Thanks to this technology, you will be able to obtain greater motor efficiency, less mechanical wear (being brushless), less energy dispersion and better speed regulation.

    Metalrota’s PMAC brushless motors are used in a wide range of applications, from automotive, to industrial handling, in the racing sector, AGVs/LGVs and agricultural, construction and gardening machinery production.

    Explore our catalogue to discover available brushless models, contact us to purchase one of our products and if you can’t find what you are looking for, we will design it for you.



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    • PMAC D.80mm

      Nominal power: 300-700W Maximum torque: 4Nm Battery: 12-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.90mm

      Nominal power: 700-1000W Maximum torque: 10Nm Battery: 12-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.106mm

      Nominal power: 1000-1500W Maximum torque: 18Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.110mm

      Nominal power: 1000-1500W Maximum torque: 30Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.125mm

      Nominal power: 1500-2000W Maximum torque: 30Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.135mm

      Nominal power: 3000-5000W Maximum torque: 60Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.152mm

      Nominal power: 4000-6000W Maximum torque: 100Nm Battery: 24-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.173mm

      Nominal power: 8000W Maximum torque: 130Nm Battery: 48-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.200mm

      Nominal power: 10000-18000W Maximum torque: 150Nm Battery: 48-144Vdc
    • PMAC D.240mm

      Nominal power: 15000-25000W Maximum torque: 150Nm Battery: 48-144Vdc