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    Vertical steering drive wheels

    Vertical steering drive wheels are electric devices created combining the electric motor with a wheel. They are designed to provide electric traction with steering capability in vertical uses.

    They are particularly suited for the production of drive units intended for lifting and moving operations.

    Metalrota’s team is ready to manufacture vertical steering electric wheels for the widest range of production needs: from the manufacturing of forklifts and automated guided vehicles (AGV) to systems for moving rides and amusement machines.

    Continue exploring our online catalogue to discover the available variations and verify what model is closest to you specific need. Contact us for purchase or for customization requests for drive wheels.



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    • WR 151 ECO FMS

      Wheel diameter: 230mm Maximum wheel load: 1000Kg Maximum torque at wheel: 400Nm Battery: 24-96V
    • WR 260 FMS

      Wheel diameter: 260mm Maximum wheel load: 1800Kg Maximum torque at speed: 500Nm Battery: 24-96V
    • WR 310 FMS

      Wheel diameter: 310mm Maximum wheel load: 2800Kg Maximum torque at wheel: 2200Nm Battery: 24-96V
    • WR 350 FMS

      Wheel diameter: 350mm Maximum wheel load: 3000Kg: Maximum torque at wheel: 2200Nm Battery: 24-96V
    • WR 425 FMS

      Wheel diameter: 405mm Maximum wheel load: 3100Kg Maximum torque at wheel: 2200Nm Battery: 48-96V
    • WR 500 FMS

      Wheel diameter: 406mm Maximum wheel load: 4500Kg Maximum torque at wheel: 2600Nm Battery: 48-96V
    • WR 450 FMS

      Wheel diameter: 457mm Maximum wheel load: 3000Kg Maximum torque at wheel: 1500Nm Battery: 48-96V